About Bocas del Toro

The islands of Bocas del Toro are the essence of the Panamanian Caribbean coast. These majestical islands feature colorful coral reefs, a diverse multicultural vibe, stunning natural beauty, and exotic species of plants and wildlife. The food, the music, the locals are a sancocho of Afro-Caribbean cultures and indigenous tribes mixed with a new community of Panamanians, Americans, Europeans, Africans and Asians that for the past 30 years or so now call Bocas their home. One stroll down Main Street in Bocas Town will demonstrate what we mean. Bocas del Toro will become your one of your favorite destinations you have ever visited.

How to get to Bocas del Toro


There are two ways to arrive from Panama City, either by airplane with the only airline to fly here Air Panama or by bus.

To fly from Panama City you need to book flights in advanced on the website of Air Panama. Flights are about 45 minutes long and arrive at the Bocas del Toro International Airport here on Isla Colon. Contact us if you need help booking flights.

Buses take about 10 to 11 hours from the Gran Terminal de Transporte. Express buses leave usually around 6 to 7PM. Let the driver know you are getting out at Almirante. The water taxi from Almirante to Isla Colon takes about 30min.


There are three ways to arrive from Costa Rica: by plane with AeroBell, by public bus and by private shuttle transfers. Contact us for details.